It’s time we stopped listening to Menzies Campbell, the self-styled Voice of Reason


I wonder if Menzies Campbell has read some of the latest research on the human brain? When I say latest, I mean research done within the past 20 years. Or I would like to know whether he has read the theories that adumbrated the research over the previous hundred years? If he had then he would know that the chances of a human being making a ‘rational’ decision are very slim. If he’d read the research then he’d know there is about one chance in a trillion. Rightly or wrongly, we make decisions based on our emotions dictated by our perceptions, needs and purposes. The idea of some purely ‘rational’ position is, science demonstrates, absurd.

Listen to Menzies Campbell you wouldn’t think that. He is a gentleman politician. He calls for a reasonable approach to things; a liberal approach, and he calls for higher standards. All very reasonable.  You might think listening to him that he was a man who disinterestedly thought out all his positions and then pressed forward on them, guided only by the greater interests of humanity and the improvement of civilisation. A bit like those patronising Liberals who ran the British Empire and who did the shooting of indigenous reluctantly, secure it was for a ‘greater good’.

His latest appearance on Scottish screens was about the article written by Elliot Bulmer and published by the Herald.  Aside from the fact that if an article comes from a political campaign then it is likely to have been paid for, and aside from the fact that being misleading would mean Elliot Bulmer would have approached the Herald as an independent yet was secretly paid, something that didn’t happen, aside from all that, the information was gathered by hacking, a breach of campaign privacy. Whoever did the hacking is going to be in the employment of someone who does not want an independent Scotland.

What’s Ming’s position? Does he call for a criminal inquiry? Does he state that whoever is behind this, and it could only be anti-independence party, should desist and hand themselves in? He calls for a higher standard…from the Yes Scotland campaign! You could not make this up! This London Scot calls for a higher standard in what is received political practice – David Cameron doesn’t write his own articles; Ed Miliband doesn’t write his own articles; Alistair Darling doesn’t write his own articles. Yet London Scot Menzies Campbell is calling for a higher standard based on evidence from hacked emails!

But Menzies cannot stop himself. He cannot stop setting himself-up as a know-it-all who has access to a level of pure rationality that the rest of us struggle to attain. I’ve seen him, this pontiff of pontification, in action lots of times. Appearing on Question Time during the expenses scandal, despite claiming hundreds of pounds for his shopping, he called for a better politics. No apology, no humility, just called on others to be better! Unbelievable. Personally, we’re not bothered about the trifling sums involved in the expenses scandal; it’s nothing compared to the billions the bankers have ripped the country off for. Still, London Scot Ming’s attitude beggar’s belief.

It’s not the first time. Despite the hype, Menzies Campbell was one of the key hypocrites and architects of the Lib Dem policy on Iraq.  The Lib Dems never opposed the Iraq War until it didn’t matter, they just wanted a second resolution in the UN – something that was never on the cards – to provide them with political cover. This left them with plenty of options. If the war goes well, then they can say they just wanted to make sure it was legal. If it goes badly, they can ‘tut’ and say they wanted a second resolution. This prevarication prevented a head of steam building against war. Opposition was further hamstrung by London Scot Menzies formulating with Charles Kennedy criticisms of the build-up to war that were very vague and at no point did they come out against the war. The Lib Dems did vote against the war, having abstained on all the other important votes that allowed the build-up – but supported the amendment before the vote that applauded British troops and hoped that hostilities could cease as soon as possible. Menzies Campbell was a powerful voice in this equivocating, vacillating policy.

After the the tanks rolled, Menzies Campbell’s continued appearances on Question Time during this period, where he rationally and calmly critiqued the war effort, actually legitimised the invasion. His position being that we should be invading countries more efficiently and humanely. Again, unbelievable. No denouncing of illegality by this trained lawyer. Just a patronising attitude to the invaders about doing it better – nothing about the dead victims of an illegal, immoral war.

Menzies Campbell, hardly a surprise this, has received over £20 000 from companies registered in London in the past year alone: his hours of work  were fewer than the average over two weeks. He receives a healthy salary from the London Parliament too, and he does some part-time work in his profession. Menzies, like all London Scots, has his financial interests committed to the London Establishment.

And now he works for Better Together. Personally, if I’m being called to behave better by someone, then I believe that person had better be an example. Menzies Campbell is not an example; and his pontification is a psychological reflex he cannot seem to rid himself of, despite serious errors and hypocrises in his own political life.

We should stop listening to Ming. The latest – reaping the fruits of crime and failing to condemn it is hardly unexpected. He has taken money from companies that have made investments in Iraq and are now reaping the profit.

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  1. Don’t be to hard on Ming, it was his finest hour when he refused the LibDems in Scotland permission to form a coalition with the SNP in 2007, his decision has led to the referendum next year.

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